Please complete the following form as well submitting the supporting documentation as noted. Note: for the year 2022-2023 the Duperreault Fellowship will not be accepting applications.


Please complete the following in chronological order, with most recent institution listed first. Please attach copies of official transcripts and reports or transcripts from last institution attended.

Please submit a one-page statement indicating your commitment to the field, the experiences sought as a result of this commitment, and goals within the field. Please indicate why you wish to pursue this programme at this stage in your life. This statement should be more than just a restatement of your resume; it is a chance to express personal convictions regarding issues within the field.

Please submit a response to one of five questions.

While it is not necessary that the Selection Committee agree with your conclusions or arguments, it is necessary that members are convinced of your thorough commitment to the field, and that you have a well-developed academic and vocational plan, a working knowledge of the behavioural health field, an understanding of key concepts and critical thinking skills, and a capacity for expression.


  1. What are the benefits of prevention in dealing with the drug problem? How could Bermuda’s current treatment and prevention programmes be improved or changed to reflect the current drug problem?
  2. What role can a family play in early prevention, intervention, medium and long-term recovery, and how is this role best facilitated?
  3. What are the key factors that contribute to alcohol and drug use in our Bermuda community, and what are the consequences to families and the community?
  4. What are the essential practices and qualities for professionals in this field that enable a client’s successful treatment and transformation, as well as promote the well-being and self-care of the professional?
  5. Mental health practitioners in Bermuda’s small community are confronted with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis with regard to confidentiality, dual relationships, and boundary issues. Please provide three examples where these dilemmas might arise and provide practical solutions that would not compromise a practitioner’s commitment to his/her professional Code of Ethics.

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